Current Full-time Students

If you are a full time, degree-seeking student, you can earn the Certificate in Writing on campus or online at no additional cost—it is already included in your tuition.

Online, Non-degree-seeking Students

If you are not pursuing a degree but want to earn the Certificate in Writing online, you’ll pay our resident tuition rate plus the technology fee. For fall 2022, a three semester-hour course would be $1,226.75 including the technology fee. Tuition and fees are the same for both resident or non-resident students.

On-Campus, Non-degree-seeking Students

If you are a non-degree-seeking student pursuing the Certificate in Writing on campus, fall 2022 tuition for a three semester-hour course is the same for resident or non-resident, $1,499.50. If you are taking more than four semester-hours, your tuition will vary depending based on your designation as resident or non-resident and the number semester hours you enroll.

Find more information at the Registrar's Tuition Tables. In the upper right corner, select the session you are interested in and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Make sure filter is set to "Iowa City Campus." 

Is financial aid available for non-degree students?

Generally, federal financial aid regulations do not allow non-degree students to receive federal financial aid; learn more about exceptions to that rule at the The Office of Student Financial Aid. If you have more questions, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid, at 319-335-1450 or