Each student must earn 1 s.h. in a capstone course that serves as a culmination of their Certificate in Writing.

WRIT:4001 - Guided Capstone Portfolio is an online, portfolio-based class that allows students the chance to direct their own academic, professional, and creative learning experience by asking them to think critically about where they’ve come from and where they’re headed. In this course, students will be guided by a series of prompts, readings, and targeted assignments that will lead to a shared final goal: an online portfolio of writing that highlights the work created (and the skills gained) while pursuing the certificate in writing.

Though specific content will be unique to each student’s individual project, every enrolled member of this course will be required to: draft a capstone “roadmap” proposal, substantially revise one portfolio piece to underscore improved writing skills, draft one entirely new piece of writing that connects to the larger themes of the portfolio, create a web-based hosting platform for the capstone project, complete a “Capstone Introduction” reflection that prepares readers to engage with the portfolio, and submit a link to the final project by the last day of classes.

In addition to these requirements, throughout the term students will be asked to read and respond to published pieces, participate in peer-review activities, and generate multiple reflections as they progress with their project. Students can expect to get feedback from their instructor on revisions and drafts, and the instructor will also be available for on-campus and online office hours.

This is an exciting and rewarding class, but it’s important to remind students that the value of their experience (and their grade) will depend greatly on their own commitment to meet deadlines and participate to their fullest extent.

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