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DEO & Director


Name Phone Email Office

Helena Dettmer

Departmental Executive Officer, Division of Interdisciplinary Programs

319-335-2633 120 SH

Mallory Hellman

Director, Iowa Youth Writing Project

319-384-1328 305N CC

Daniel Khalastchi

Director, Magid Center for Undergraduate Writing

319-384-1328 305N CC

Stephen Lovely

Director, Iowa Young Writers' Studio

319-335-2409 305N CC

Amy Margolis

Director, Iowa Summer Writing Festival

319-335-2271 250 CEF

Faculty & Staff

Name Phone Email Office

Madison Archard

Adjunct Assistant Professor; 2019-20 IYWP Fellow

Tameka Cage Conley

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Amy Charles

Adjunct Assistant Professor E325 CB

Meredith Mahy Gall

Administrative Services Coordinator, Division of Interdisciplinary Programs 305N CC

Jorge Guerra

Lecturer 207 CC

Jane Huffman

Grants and Funding Manager, Iowa Youth Writing Project 314 CC

Kimberly Maher

Adjunct Assistant Professor E130 VAB

Sara McGuirk

Lecturer 300B CC

Amy Parker

Lecturer 300C CC

Lisa Roberts

Assistant Director, Iowa Youth Writing Project 305N CC

Alli Rockwell

Administrator, Division of Interdisciplinary Programs 305N CC

Graduate Assistants

Name Phone Email Office

Katerina Hazell

Teaching Assistant

Evan Scott

Graduate Assistant, Ink Lit Mag 305N CC