Friday, March 31, 2023

The Magid Center is excited to announce some upcoming curricular changes to the Writing Certificate. Beginning Fall 2023, the credential will only require seven total courses and all students will complete the same capstone experience. Overall, the coursework required to complete the Writing Certificate will decrease to 19 s.h.

Why is this change occurring? As the Writing Certificate has grown in popularity, the curriculum itself has remained mostly unchanged since 2011. Over the last year, the certificate’s steering committee has spent time critically analyzing everything from course offerings to how the Writing Certificate requirements compare to similar programs on and off campus. Given the findings, the steering committee has determined a few curricular adjustments should be made to ensure the program is prepared for a successful future, engaging more students and helping them increase their written communication skills.

What does this mean for current WRIT Certificate students? Students who have already declared the credential will have the opportunity to switch to the new requirements or stick with their original plan of study. All students who declare after the start of Fall 2023 will adhere to the new requirements.

Please reach out to us at the Magid Center ( with any questions. More information and specifics will be available in July 2023.