Student Testimonials

Ink 3 & ElleJoining INK was easily one of the best decisions I made my first year as a Hawkeye. I came from a very small school in Colorado, and I was the first graduate of that school ever to attend Iowa, so I knew essentially no one at the university. Being the Editor-in-Chief of INK 10 allowed me to meet so many incredible, kind, creative people. Ink was a great way to make connections, do something I am passionate about, and find my niche at such a big university. I know I will carry that experience with me for the rest of my life.
--Emma Baumgarten, Editor-in-Chief, Issue No. 10

INK LIT MAG has helped make me the person that I am today: confident, involved, and committed. I made friends and learned important skills. INK has shown me what I want to do in my future--and it's made me excited for what is to come!
--Lauren Himan, Creative Director, Issue No. 10

Being on the INK LIT MAG staff has been instrumental to my integration at the University of Iowa. It gave me the opportunity to make more friends, exercise my leadership skills, and publish my own work. I am extremely thankful for INK introducing me to the publishing world at Iowa and I hope to continue to be a part of undergraduate writing and publishing for the rest of my time here. 
--Charlotte Elsasser, Editor-in-Chief, Issue No. 9

Working on INK LIT MAG ​has afforded me opportunities that I didn't even know I wanted when I came to college. As a member of the Iowa Writers' LLC I knew I had to be involved with editing if I wanted to be a writer, but little did I know that my true passion lay in the publishing industry itself. Over the course of three years and three different positions with the magazine--Editor in Chief, Managing Editor, and now Assistant Publisher--I have seen the founding staff move on to successful editing and design careers and leave behind this beautiful legacy for freshman to add new perspectives to every semester. I have learned the ins and outs of every department of the industry and made connections with the vast network of writers, editors, publishers, designers, and readers in Iowa City and nationally. I'm entirely indebted to the Magid Center and their director, my boss, and friend Daniel Khalastchi.
--Kelli Ebensberger, Assistant Publisher, Issue Nos. 9 & 10; Managing Editor, Issue Nos. 7 & 8; Editor-in-Chief, Issue No. 5

When coming to the University, INK LIT MAG actualized me in ways that the classroom never could. Working on the staff has given me sense not only of responsibility and community, but also a true insight into the passions of the publishing world, and a reminder of the multifaceted joys of writing.
--Leon Hedstrom, Managing Editor, Issue No. 9; Addendum Editor, Issue No. 8; Editor-in-Chief, Issue No. 7

For me, INK is the opportunity to create a high-quality, cogent, and worthwhile literary magazine while at the same time learning from a skilled team of advisors how the process of editing and producing lit mags actually works. For me, INK is not only the opportunity to follow your dreams, but also the opportunity to become really good at them.
--Matthew Byrd, Managing Editor, Issue No. 9; Editor-in-Chief, Issue No. 6; Nonfiction Editor, Issue No. 5

I'm currently a few weeks into my job at Graywolf Press which I feel incredibly grateful and fortunate to have gotten and, while I feel confident that I got here on my own merit and have a lot to offer them this summer, I feel that my experience with earthwords and Ink ha[s] prepared me for this internship better than any other program could have. So for that I'm thankful for you, and to the Magid Center, for all your guidance and help.
-- David Freeman, Managing Editor, Issue Nos. 5, 6 & 7; Editor-in-Chief, Issue No. 4, Nonfiction Editor, Issue No. 3

INK LIT MAG is an opportunity. I chose to attend the University of Iowa because I wanted to be a writer, and upon entering the university, INK LIT MAG was one of the first opportunities I became aware of. I enjoy working with a talented and motivated group of people, who are all striving to create a great product that represents the rising talent at the University of Iowa.
--Caleb Norris, Ink Web Editor, Issue No. 5

INK has been instrumental in the development of not only my own writing but in evaluating others' as well. It's a place of collaboration and growth, a way for fledgling writers and editors to gain insight into the publishing process and find their literary wings.
--Alice Doherty, Fiction Editor, Issue Nos. 5 & 6

The magazine has been a huge success, and we even had a reading at one of the greatest independent bookstores in the country  [Prairie Lights]. I've had radio and newspaper interviews and people stopping me in the street to comment on my work. Awesome, unexpected things do happen, and I owe my current success to the writing community here at The University of Iowa.
--Sevy Perez, Creative Consultant, Issue No. 5; Managing Editor, Issue Nos. 3 & 4; Creative Director, Issue No. 2; Published Writer, Creative Director, and Co-Editor-in-Chief, Issue No. 1

INK helped me get motivated to write more. I knew I would have people see my work, and it's very satisfying to know people are reading your writing. INK helped form a community around writing. It helps me understand the entire process of creative writing, and the publishing aspect of it. It's nice to know there is a way you can get published without having to submit somewhere intimidating.
--Daniel Landgrebe, Published Writer, Issue No. 1

INK gives the IWLLC an outlet for hot, new writers. It gives you the chance to witness a writer's raw talent evolve into something a bit more polished as they study writing and refine their craft here at The University of Iowa. Having an experience where you can read your writing in a public forum and have it appreciated is something very few freshmen get the opportunity to do.
--Spencer Hawk, Published Writer, Issue No. 1