Student Testimonials

Earthwords staff

I'm currently a few weeks into my job at Graywolf Press which I feel incredibly grateful and fortunate to have gotten and, while I feel confident that I got here on my own merit and have a lot to offer them this summer, I feel that my experience with earthwords and Ink ha[s] prepared me for this internship better than any other program could have. So for that I'm thankful for you, and to the Magid Center, for all your guidance and help.
-- David Freeman, Fiction editor, issue 36, Editor-in-Cheif, issue 35, Poetry editor, issue 45

Earthwords is an incredible way to be part of the editing and publication process. Not only do we learn how to put out a high-quality lit mag, we also help shape the undergraduate literary culture of Iowa City. Being part of organizing events provides a unique access point to the greater literary community, which is especially valuable in a city of literature. My experience of being part of Earthwords provided me with great opportunities to learn about the publishing field. Faculty from the Magid Center have been endlessly supportive of any endeavors we want to undertake as a student-run publication, and really encourage us to make the magazine the type of learning experience that will serve us best. 
-- Mary Cait Milliff, Nonfiction editor, issues 35 & 36

What is unique, special, and kind of staggering about earthwords is that for 30+ years, the magazine has been the publication where readers can find more work by Iowa City writers than they'd find anywhere else. Being a part of earthwords means, for me, playing a really active role in the tradition of the place which was sort of a ground-zero for the study of creative writing. Each year we get hundreds of pieces from young, Iowa City writers who are responding to that legacy—they're paying homage to, contending with, and challenging the idea of the "Iowa City writer." Living here, you know that people all around town are writing in all sorts of ways, but as editors of earthwords, we get to see the product of all that writing right in front of us.
-- Max Seifert, Poetry editor, issues 34, 35, & 36

I am consistently amazed at how earthwords brings together passions for professionalism and creativity. The dedication of the staff, advisers, and contributors to showcase and foster the undergraduate writing community played a significant part of my experience at the university. Being surrounded by a diverse group of artists, with a multitude of tastes, has greatly shaped, and sharpened, the skills I will take into my career.
-- Adam Jaschen, Editor-in-Chief, issue 36, Nonfiction editor, issues 34 & 35