• planet pieces open mic, person holding microphone

    Planet Pieces Open Mic - 3/8/2017

  • planet pieces open mic, person speaking with microphone

    Planet Pieces Open Mic - 3/8/2017

  • articulate yourself, people viewing art

    Articulate Yourself - 2/2/2017

  • murderous monologues, shakespeare reference, person looking at skull

    The earthwords drama team could not resist breaking into our "To be or not to be" pose while setting up for Murderous Monologue! 10/26/2016


earthwords: the undergraduate literary review showcases the best literary and artistic endeavors of students attending the University of Iowa, fosters an undergraduate literary community within Iowa City, and provides its staff members with the experience of producing a literary magazine in real time.  While earthwords’ board, style, and length change every year, our dedication to promoting the creative works of the University of Iowa’s undergraduate body remains constant in every issue.  

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