Program Option B: Independent Writing Project


  • The Capstone Independent Writing Experience serves as the culminating project for students enrolled in the Writing Certificate Program at the University of Iowa.
  • The Capstone project will result in a substantial portfolio of the student's own writing. Past projects include screenplays, collections of poetry, policy reports, songs for rock and hip-hop albums, linked essays, graphic novels, and even professional handbooks for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Students have also used their Capstone projects to help showcase their talents prior to entering the job market—students have edited and printed anthologies, designed websites, and even learned to record and disseminate podcasts—all with the goal of learning skills they know will benefit their future careers.
  • Students must have a faculty mentor for their project and must submit the Capstone Proposal and Mentor Agreement Form in order to receive permission to register for the course.
  • Any tenured, tenure-track, lecturer, or visiting faculty is eligible to mentor a capstone project, as are qualified community members. All mentors must be approved by the Director of the Magid Center prior to the start of the term in which the work will be completed. Please note that adjunct instructors are not able to serve in this role. You can look up a faculty member's University Classification using the UI Directory.

  • As long as the final project is focused on writing (academic, professional, creative, or a combination), the content of the work is up to the individual student and the mentor.
  • Students can enroll in the Capstone project for 1, 2, or 3 s.h.:
    • 1 s.h. students must meet with their mentor at least four times during the semester.
    • 2 s.h. students must meet with their mentor at least six times during the semester.
    • 3 s.h. students must meet with their mentor at least eight times during the semester.
  • Length, format, and other project specifics will be determined by the student and the mentor.
  • Faculty mentors and Capstone students must arrange and schedule their meeting times.


Forms, Deadlines, & Information

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