Online Certificate in Writing Requirements and Available Courses

Student Writing


Certificate in Writing students must complete the following courses, adding up to between 21 and 23 semester hours. Please check back as we continue to add to our pool of online courses. Since on-campus and online sections of each course are often taught in the same semester, when enrolling on MyUI, be sure to choose the section with the section number EX*, and a delivery mode of World Wide Web. Note that most of our online offerings are asynchronous (work can be completed at any time, there is no set meeting time); however, please pay close attention to course listing on MyUI, as some online courses do have set meeting days/times.

Introductory Course (3 s.h. required)

  • WRIT:1500 Writing Commons: A Community of Writers, 3 s.h.

Core Courses (9 s.h. required)

  • CLSA:3742 Word Power: Building English Vocabulary, 3 s.h.
  • CW:4745 The Sentence: Strategies for Writing, 3 s.h.
  • CW:4760 The Art of Revision: Writing for Clarity, 3 s.h.

Focused Electives (9 s.h. required, select from at least two categories)

Writing for the Professions

  • INTD:3005 Professional and Creative Business Communication, 3 s.h.
  • EALL:4130 Introduction to Grant Writing, 3 s.h.
  • COMM:1816 Business and Professional Communication, 3 s.h.

Writing and the Literary Arts

Writing and the Media

  • CINE:1200 Screenwriting Fundamentals, 3 s.h.

Capstone (1 s.h. required)