Classes Available Fall 2018


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Focused Electives: Writing for the Professions

ARTH:1080 Writing About the Visual Arts On Campus
BUS:3000 Business Communication and Protocol On Campus
BUS:3800 Business Writing On Campus
CNW:3640 Writing for Business and Industry On Campus
COMM:1816 Business and Professional Communication On Campus
INTD:3005 Professional & Creative Business Communication On Campus & Online
SRM:3300 Writing for Sport & Recreation Managers On Campus
Grant/Proposal Writing  
EALL:4130 Introduction to Grant Writing Online
CINE:1620 Writing Film Reviews and Criticism On Campus
JMC:2010 Journalistic Reporting and Writing On Campus
JMC:3412 Strategic Communication Writing On Campus
Literature, Language, and Translation  
JPNS:3201 Workshop in Japanese Literary Translation On Campus
SPAN:2000 Spanish Language Skills: Writing On Campus
SPAN:3030 Translation Workshop: English to Spanish On Campus
SPAN:3050 Translation Workshop: Spanish to English On Campus
SPAN:3060 Introductory Workshop on Creative Writing in Spanish On Campus
Political Science  
CNW:2850 Art and Craft of Writing about Politics On Campus
WRIT:2900 Book Design for Publishing On Campus
WRIT:2991 Publishing 1: Introduction to Literary Publishing On Campus
HHP:3900 Writing for Health and Human Physiology On Campus
RHET:3250 Persuasive Writing for Science & Health Professions On Campus
Undergraduate Research  
BUS:4999 Honors Thesis in Business Independent Study

Focused Electives: Writing and the Literary Arts

Creative Writing  
CL:1510 Ghosts & the Weird in Pre-Modern Chinese Literature On Campus
CW:1800 Creative Writing Studio Workshop On Campus
CW:2100 Creative Writing On Campus & Online
CW:3003 Writing and Reading Science Fiction On Campus
CW:3107 Creative Writing for Health Professions On Campus
CW:4894 Undergraduate Project in Creative Writing Independent Study
CW:2870 Fiction Writing On Campus & Online
CW:3870 Advanced Fiction Writing Online
CW:4870 Undergraduate Writers’ Workshop: Fiction On Campus
CW:4897 Novel Writing Online
CNW:1620 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction On Campus & Online
CNW:2680 The Art and Craft of Creative Nonfiction On Campus
CNW:2700 The Art and Craft of Personal Writing On Campus
CNW:3630 Advanced Nonfiction Writing On Campus
CNW:4690 Undergraduate Project in Nonfiction Writing Independent Study
THTR:2301 Playwriting 1 On Campus & Online
CW:2875 Poetry Writing On Campus & Online
CW:3875 Advanced Poetry Writing Online
CW:4875 Undergraduate Writers’ Workshop: Poetry On Campus

Focused Electives: Writing and the Media

Television and Screenwriting  
CINE:1200 Screenwriting Fundamentals Online
CINE:1620 Writing Film Reviews and Criticism On Campus
CINE:2861 Screenwriting: Short Form On Campus
CINE:2867 Screenwriting: Long Form On Campus
Other Media    
CNW:2770 The Art and Craft of Writing for New Media On Campus
CW:3218 Creative Writing for New Media On Campus
JMC:3600 Topics in Media Production On Campus




Focused Electives: Writing in Context

CNW:2740 The Art and Craft of Environmental Writing On Campus
CW:3107 Creative Writing for the Health Professions On Campus
CW:3215 Creative Writing and Popular Culture On Campus
CW:4751 Creative Writing for the Musician On Campus
EDTL:4355 Approaches to Teaching Writing On Campus
GWSS:3138 Writing to Change the World On Campus
HONR:3220 Honors Writing Fellows: Writing Theory & Practice On Campus
IWP:3191 International Literature Today On Campus
WRIT:2100 Writing and Community Outreach On Campus