Core Courses

WRIT Students studyingStudents earn a minimum of 11 s.h. in the following core courses. Courses noted with an asterisk (*) are available online.

All students must take:

  • WRIT:1500: Writing Commons: A Community of Writers, 3 s.h.*

Plus three of the following:

  • WRIT:1003/LING:1003: English Grammar, 3 s.h. (offered both fall and spring)
  • WRIT:1600: Fast Fixes: Improving Your Writing In Six Short Weeks, 1 s.h.
    NOTE: WRIT:1600 must be repeated three times, with three different subtitles, in order to count as a single core course.
  • WRIT:3080/LING:3080: History of the English Language, 3 s.h (offered in fall)
  • WRIT:3632/CNW:3632: Prose Style, 3 s.h.
  • WRIT:3742/CLSA:3742: Word Power: Building English Vocabulary, 3 s.h.*
    or WRIT:1740/CLSA:1740: Writing Strategies: Word Origins and Word Choice, 3 s.h.
    or WRIT:1030/LING:1030: English Words, 3 s.h.
  • WRIT:4745/CW:4745: The Sentence: Strategies for Writing, 3 s.h.*
  • WRIT:4760/CW:4760: The Art of Revision: Rewriting Prose for Clarity and Impact, 3 s.h.*


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