Expectations for WRIT:4000 Independent Writing Project Students and Mentors

  • Students wishing to enroll in WRIT:4000 (Writing Capstone Program Option B) will approach faculty mentors with a draft of their proposal, ready to explain their project, answer questions, and provide reasoning as to why they are requesting to work with the mentor.
  • Students and faculty mentors will work together on scheduling meetings. Students who miss meetings without advance notice will see their grade negatively impacted.
  • Students and faculty mentors will work together to define goals for individual meetings and set due dates for the upcoming term.
  • Faculty mentors will provide insight and guidance throughout the term by reading and commenting on student work, answering questions, and suggesting external resources that might prove valuable to the overall project.
  • Students will always submit work to be read/commented on by their faculty mentor at least 72 hours before their next meeting. Mentors are asked to present comments in a timely fashion. Students will submit work via email unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.
  • Students will keep faculty mentors informed of major deadlines.
  • Questions from faculty and students may be directed to Daniel Khalastchi, Director of the Writing Certificate Program, by stopping into 305N Communications Center or calling the office at 319.384.1328.

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