Capstone Independent Writing Experience

NotesAfter completing the majority of Certificate coursework, each student must earn at least 1 s.h. toward the capstone requirement through one of the following:

  • WRIT:4001 Guided Capstone Portfolio, 1 s.h. (available spring semesters only)
  • WRIT:4000 Independent Writing Project, 1-3 s.h.
  • WRIT:3900 Writing: Undergraduate Internship, or another approved writing-related internship

On-campus students must attend a MANDATORY information session about the Capstone in the semester before they plan to enroll in the option of their choosing (online students must make an appointment with the Certificate advisor to discuss Capstone options). Info session times and locations are communicated to declared Certificate students via email each semester. If you are working towards the Certificate but have not officially declared it, we won't know to contact you; please be sure to declare the Certificate in MyUI under Student Records. For more information about Capstone expectations and requirements, please visit Capstone Information.


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