IWP Cinematheque

IWP Cinematheque
September 17, 2017 - 7:00pm
Adler Journalism and Mass Communication Building

Join us for this film screening series each Sunday at the Adler Journalism Building, Room e105. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017
7 PM 
Adler Journalism Building, e105

IWP Fall Resident Dilman Dila (Uganda) presents:

 Her Broken Shadow (Uganda, 2017, dir. +scr. Dilman Dila) [75 min] 

Two anthropophobic women are struggling to write novels. Adongo lives in East Africa in the near future while Apio lives in a space city in the distant future. They look so alike that one has to be the other’s doppelganger. Both are hermits, estranged from their respective families, and are suffering from loneliness. When the boundary between their worlds collapses, they discover that each is the protagonist in the novel the other is writing. Each believes she is real and the other a fabrication, yet their histories indicate that they might be identical twins, and that one murdered the other. As they struggle to understand the nature of their existence, they fail to tell reality from fantasy, the past from the present, and they have to solve the murder each committed in her childhood to avoid a complete descent into madness.